Phi Mu

Kent State University

– Rho Kappa –



Academic Excellence is a top priority for Phi Mu at Kent State University. With a 3.43 average GPA during the Spring 2022 Term, it is evident that this commitment pays off for our members. 

We believe that when you join a sorority, it is still important to prioritize academics, as all of us are college students and are here to get a degree and find success in our future career fields. We provide a wide array of academic resources for our members to encourage their continued success in the academic realm. Examples of academic support our chapter provides includes: 

  • Weekly Study Tables with food provided 
  • Easily accessible directions to campus academic resources
  • Tracking of "Study Hours" to ensure commitment to academics from all members
  • Facilitation of major-specific group communication for questions and reccommendations
  • A collection of textbooks in our house for sisters to re-use and share 
  • Meetings with our Academic Excellence Chairwoman to plan out studies
  • Career-building and networking activities 
  • Scholarship assistance for students through the Phi Mu Foundation

Phi Mu Chapters are expected to reach and maintain the all women's grade point average on their campus. Those who meet the challenge are recognized in several ways including coverage in our magazine, the Aglaia.

Study Abroad programs are a common requirement among Kent State University degree programs, and we support the opportunity for our members to be able to gain real-world experience, experience different cultures and locations, and dive hands-on into their desired career field. Flexible membership options are offered to members studying abroad to further their education!