Phi Mu

Kent State University

– Rho Kappa –

Our Sisters' Experience

The bonds our sisters experience through being a member of Phi Mu at Kent State University are lifelong and influential on their college careers. Hear from some of our sisters on how Phi Mu has impacted them: 



"I could not be more thankful for Phi Mu. This chapter truly changed my life. When I joined Phi Mu, I was going through a rough patch in my life. I met all of my best friends within the first month and I cannot imagine my college experience without them. This chapter shares so much love, passion, and bonds with one another. I highly recommend going greek life at Kent State and finding your BFFS! LIOB" - Macy Metzger, PC Spring '22 




"I spontaneously signed up for recruitment and never looked back! I found my home within Phi Mu and am forever grateful for the lifelong friendships i’ve made! To me, Phi Mu means everlasting sisterhood, and a loving support system at all times. I love Rho Kappa because of the genuine and caring attitudes our sisters share with each other!" - Meghan Franks, PC Spring '22